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For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to be a "Business Woman".  At 12 years old, even before I was allowed to wear makeup, I was the local Avon Lady in my neighborhood.  After much pressure from me, my mother agreed to authorize an Avon sales account for me and the rest, as they say, is history. I'd pass out Avon books to the neighborhood ladies along with free samples and then schedule times to return and take their orders. Even at that age I  learned so much about sales, customer service, and even profit margins (the more I sold, the less expensive the products were for me to purchase on a wholesale basis). My makeup sales career was short lived (about three years), but the entrepreneurial spirit had been sparked in me!

It would be some time between my Avon Lady days and actually hanging up my shingle to establish and run this firm.  I enrolled in as many business related courses as I could while in high school and by my senior year I spent half of my school day working in the office of a local elementary school as a work study student. The school principal and her secretary, two very strong career-minded women, took me under their wings and taught me so much about office administration.  Shortly after that I enrolled into Wayne State University (WSU) in Detroit, MI and began taking the required liberal arts courses as I contemplated the direction in business that I wanted to go.  

I ultimately settled on obtaining a degree in accounting and began that challenging journey.  WSU was a commuter school and I lived alone in an apartment just a few miles from campus at just 19 years old.  To help cover my tuition costs I landed a full-time job as an Accounting Clerk in the Accounts Receivable Department as WSU and attended classes in the evening.  While still not working as a professional accountant, I was able to gain valuable skills working as an accounting clerk as It gave me an appreciation for the tedious detail that goes into recording accounting transactions - I literally started at the ground level within the various phases of the accounting cycle. 

Finally after graduating from WSU with my B.S. degree in accounting I landed a job as a Professional Accountant at The University of Michigan Surgery Business Office in Ann Arbor were I was responsible for tracking and reporting on the profitability of the 11 different surgery departments that existed there at the time.  Growing homesick while in Ann Arbor, I searched for and found a Grant Accountant position at WSU - back in Detroit.  In this role I reconciled restricted fund accounts and filed close-out reports to external private and government funding agencies. This is where I gained my knowledge of guidelines for grant tracking, cost allocations, expense reimbursement requests and other requirements related to managing restricted funds.  In the Grant Accounting Department, we were the "lieutenants" of the grant management process.  No final grant reports would be issued to funders until we ensured that all grant related guidelines were adhered to.  This required me to gain a keen understanding of grant and contract language.  

Before moving on  from WSU to further my career, I was promoted to several different roles within the university.  One such role included Business Manager for the Center for Urban Studies where I managed the departmental budget totaling $1.5 million.  Another promotion took me to WSU's Office of Research and Sponsored Programs where I consulted with over 30 departmental administrators on re-budgeting guidelines and interpreting language in grant and contract agreements.

When I grew tired of living out of a suitcase as I traveled for KPMG Consulting (my next career stop) to help clients (mostly on the west coast) improve their financial management operations, I settled into a Senior Consultant role at a local financial management consulting firm in downtown Detroit. In this role, I learned the business operations various types of entities and gained invaluable skills that I use today. I have conducted financial needs assessments, documented and trained client staff on standard operating procedures, worked on process re-engineering projects that helped clients strengthen internal controls and increase operational efficiencies. It was also here that I found my passion for working with small business and nonprofit entities when I was assigned to develop and deliver a training program for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) recipients on how to manage their financial operations.  I was drawn to my ability to see an immediate impact of my work with much smaller entities and decided to prepare my business plan as my Masters' thesis and finished my Master's degree in Public Administration at Central Michigan University where I had been taking satellite classes. 

I moonlighted, running Angeline & Associates, LLC for about a year "working" my business plan to provide accounting and consulting services to small service-based businesses and nonprofits.  I built up enough clientele to make the full-time transition from employee to entrepreneur and opened my office in Midtown Detroit in April of 2004. My love for the diversity of college towns that I gained during my work travels pushed me to relocate my home and business to Ann Arbor, MI in July of 2007.  I live here with my retired racing greyhound, Larry and have broadened my network of friends and associates.  While I lean more to the introverted side of the personality spectrum, I do enjoy spending one-on-one time with family and close friends.  I love to cook, listen to audio books and podcasts and connect with fellow greyhound owners from all over the world via social media.  I've made friends in the U.K., the Netherlands, Australia, as well as almost every state in the U.S.   The greyhound is a special breed.  If you ever want to learn more about these majestic creatures, I'm your girl!  

Since 2004, I've used my experience and training working for large, corporate accounting & consulting firms to deliver personalized, affordable services to small service-based businesses, including nonprofits. From cash flow forecasting and budgeting to QuickBooks customization and training, my focus is always on building an efficient and results-driven relationship with my clients. I’ll work with you to create a customized plan of action for your business or organization. Get in touch to learn more about my vision and service approach.